CE Safety Marking

CE-Toy-SafetyUK and European Toy Safety Regulations & Legislation

We take toy safety very seriously! Our balloons are manufactured in Europe (we are a distributor for Flexmetal Balloons in Spain), and as such have to comply with strict EU (and therefore British) laws on toy safety. All of our products are CE marked as required.

We will not supply products such as balloon weights if they are to be used with products that do not confirm with European Legislation.

We do not supply inferior quality Chinese balloons that are not CE marked as required by law:

  • Do not carry safety warnings
  • Do not carry importer’s information
  • Do not carry the CE marking symbol and the 0-3 safety symbol

It is not enough for an importer to claim that the overseas manufacturer has a declaration of confirmity. The product needs the correct CE markings before it can conform.

In addition such products may contain toxic chemicals from pesticides used in manufacturer’s factories which are outlawed in Europe, and toxins in inks that could include lead and PCBs other harmful substances.

We consider that children will be playing with these products, quite often having them in contact with their skin and mouths. If you are purchasing these products, the UK importer must have evidence of conformity taking the responsibility of the manufacturer and in some cases needing to have the products tested themselves by a recognised authority.