Tuf-Tex® Balloons Float Longer!

Tuf-Tex balloons provide the advantage of superior fly time*, no matter what the conditions.

8-10 Hours

16-24 Hours

24-36 Hours

30-50 Hours

2-4 Days

3-5 Days

4-6 Days

5-7 Days

Longer floating times of untreated Tuf-Tex latex balloons mean longer lasting displays and more flexibility on setting up prior to an event.

*Test results represent performance averages conducted in a controlled environment of 70°F (21ºC) and 45% relative humidity. Your actual results will vary depending upon inflation volume and the weather. Because temperature, ozone, sunlight, barometric pressure, wind, rain and humidity affect balloon performance, Tuf-Tex cannot guarantee fly times.

Have your balloons float for even longer!

If you need a lasting display that will float for much longer, then add Ultra Hi-Float. This special liquid treatment dries inside the balloons creating a barrier that extends floating times up to 25 times** longer than untreated!

Check out the video below to find out more!

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**Source: http://www.hi-float.com/faqs/