Is your Helium supply going up in cost or drying up?

We have a solution: Introducing the Maxi II Cup & Stick

  • Fill Jumbo Foil Balloons with air instead of helium
  • Saves money, especially with rising helium costs
  • Still creates an impact with our Jumbo Display Stand
  • Very positive feedback from trials:
  • Balloons won't float away leaving disappointed children
  • Balloons last much much longer with air
  • No need to top up balloons every few days
  • Easy to fit
  • Better for the environment as litter is reduced
  • No ribbons to tangle wildlife
  • Specially designed for Flexmetal balloons
  • Can also be displayed using Premium Magnetic Base

Look out for the MaxiCup tag on our Jumbo foil balloons for compatibility with the Maxi II Cup & Stick!

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Maxi II Cup & Stick (for Jumbo Foil Balloons) - Pack 25

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